The Billet Case and billet pinion support offer an unmatched strength to weight combination for the most brutal Drag Racing applications. The goal was to
manufacture the finest billet case- regardless of material and process costs- and we have achieved that. The case is manufactured from 7075-T73 aerospace
aluminum that offers superior strength and is highly resistant to stress corrosion. After initial rough machining, it is vibratory stress relieved utilizing subharmonic
vibrational energy. This process stabilizes the heavily machined aluminum before proceeding. Afterwards, it is solution heat treated and artificially
overaged. This ensures consistent mechanical properties throughout the material. The .650” thick mounting flange coupled with the raised cross rib design
provides a solid structure to maintain proper alignment of the ring and pinion. Unique wrap around style main caps enhance strength and stiffness. Each cap is
retained by four AISI 8740 steel bullet end studs which have 38% higher yield strength than typical chrome moly. This allows for an increase in clamping loads
further enhancing cap rigidity. The tail bearing area has massive wall sections to firmly retain the oversized tail bearing, which can withstand greater loads, and
is secured by a special retainer plate. A large oil scavenging channel directs additional lubrication to the pinion support. The case has a provision to accept a load
bolt which helps support the ring gear during tire shake. The case will accept 9” , 9 1/2”, and 10” gear sets. Integrated jack screws facilitate center section
removal from the rear end housing.

The Billet Pinion Support is manufactured from 2024-T351 aluminum and retained by 12 ARP twelve point bolts. The support features a unique design
which optimizes strength, weight reduction, and bearing lubrication. It places both pinion bearings within the case and has a much tighter fit to the case bore.
This firmly holds the pinion shaft in proper alignment with the ring gear, providing maximum gear life while avoiding gear bind. The 10” gear sets require a
pinion support designed specifically for those gears. This support eliminates the need for a spacer between the support and the case, further contributing to the
integrity of the assembly.

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