Strange Tubular Drag Racing Driveshafts:

The driveshaft is an incredibly vital component to the operation of a drag racing vehicle. Drag racing driveshafts take a lot of stress, particularly in high horsepower racing applications. Chromoly is stronger, able to withstand more torque, and has more stability at high RPM in comparison to common mild steel driveshafts.

We have a specialized order form here on the driveshaft product listings to ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle. The length, diameter, and RPM its going to spin at are very important to make sure you do not exceed its critical speed.

Strange Drag Racing Driveshafts are constructed from seamless heat treated chrome-moly tubing. The optimized .083” wall thickness tubing is offered in both 3” OD and 3 1/2” OD to suit various applications. Custom designed fixtures ensure the 1350 or 1480 series weldends are properly phased to eliminate driveline vibrations.

The U1699 driveshaft is MIG welded and utilizes Spicer HD 1350 series weld ends and solid (non-crossdrilled) u-joints. All other shafts are TIG welded and feature Strange HD forged chrome-moly weld ends and Spicer HD solid u-joints. Every shaft is electronically balanced with a total run-out of less than .008”.

Strange offers a complete line of transmission yokes, rear end yokes, and u-bolt kits to complete your custom driveshaft.

We also have a downloadable pdf that you can download, fill out and send back to us if you are not ready to place the order online.

Custom Drag Racing Driveshaft Order Form


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