Drag Racing Shocks

Successful drag racers know it isn’t always the guy with the biggest engine that wins the race. Often it is the racer who can put up consistent numbers – while going from point A to point B without losing traction and knocking the tires off – that takes home the victory, the trophy and the cash.

Truth is that shaving thousandths-of-a-second off your elapsed times comes down to the little things. It doesn’t matter how much horsepower you produce if you can’t make the tires stick to the pavement. If your drag race vehicle has you frustrated with body roll, dip or sway, you are sacrificing valuable traction and giving you opponent an unfair advantage in every pass. A carefully selected set of Strange Drag Racing Shocks could be just the thing to put you over the top in your drag race class.

I’ve heard drag racers say that shocks aren’t important; this isn’t a road race. I’m going straight down the track. These are usually the guys loading their cars back on the trailer early. Body position and stability are critical for transferring optimum power from the tires to the pavement. If the suspension is too stiff coming out of the hole, valuable traction may be lost during the most critical time of the race.

A loose, soft or sagging suspension can cause body roll that throws your entire point of velocity off track. Sudden steering adjustments at high speed can lead to dip and sway as you attempt to get the vehicle back on course. Strange Adjustable Drag Racing Shocks permit racers to find that delicate balance between a suspension that is overly stiff and hard and a mushy suspension that feels out of control. Easily adjustable drag racing shocks can be tailored to fit changing temperature and track conditions as drag racers travel from track to track during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

Available in a wide variety of high-performance possibilities, Strange Drag Racing Shocks are precision manufactured from lightweight aircraft quality aluminum and hardened steel. Strange Engineering constantly goes to the racers to find out what they need in a drag race coil over shock. With input from Sportsman Class racers, as well as street/track competitors and even road racing enthusiasts, Strange has developed the best coil over racing shocks that are strong, responsive, capable of being adjusted to meet diverse requirements.

Strange Drag Racing Shocks for street and strip are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum. Each shock is meticulously assembled by a Strange Engineering expert before being carefully inspected and tested on an in-house dynamometer.

Of course, Strange Single and Dual Adjustable Aluminum Coil Over Shocks are revalvable to meet your specifications. Single adjustment drag racing shocks offer ten-adjustment settings for extension. Double adjustable shocks provide ten settings for compression and ten settings for extension. With that wide range of adjustment, Strange Drag Racing Shocks are built to accommodate virtually any driving style and any driving condition. We also specialize in Drag Racing Coil Over Shocks. Plus our selection of street shocks for OE applicaions can be foud on our Strange Shocks Page.

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