Strange Makes A Large Variety of Ford 9 Third Members (Center Sections) For Street and Strip.

The Ford 9 third member is known as one of the most popular driveline parts in automotive history.

One of the features which distinguishes the ford 9 third member high-performance center sections is that access to the differential gears is not through the rear center cover; rather, in the Ford 9 inch, access to internals is obtained by removing the center section (Third Member) on the pinion side of the axle housing.

The Ford 9 inch third member offers the advantage of being able to disassemble and reassemble the differential gears and adjust clearances conveniently on the benchtop, rather than with the restricted access of working within the axle housing under the car.

Strange Engineering offers many aftermarket options for Ford 9 in Third Members. We have both nodular iron third members and lightweight Aluminum third members. These Center Sections are available for many specialized street and strip applications. Follow the links below to see all the third members Strange has to offer. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call.

Iron and Pro Iron Ford 9 Third Members (Center Sections)

Aluminum, Pro Aluminum Ford 9 Third Members (Center Sections)

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