Part Number: S1409

Strange Coil-Over Shocks & Aluminum Struts

Spring Seat Bearing Kit
• For 2 1/2″ I.D. springs
• Eases ride height adjustment
• Prevents spring bind when rotating adjuster nuts

2) Thrust bearings
4) Thrust races

Spring seat adjuster wrench – S1413


Spring Seat Bearing Kit For 2 1/2 in. ID springs

The Spring Seat bearing allows the bottom of the spring to rotate as the spring compresses, eliminating the friction between the spring and the spring seat. Note that using this seat will slightly increase spring preload.

This reduces the spring assembly friction, and friction in the shock and preventing binding of springs on struts during turns. They also ease the task of ride height adjustment.

Includes: Two thrust bearings and Four thrust races.

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