40 spline axle packages 

Strange Pro Race axles are forged from Hy-Tuf alloy steel that was originally developed for highly stressed landing gear in military aircraft. The material is in the class of Ultra Strength alloys and contains low carbon, high manganese, high-nickel, and high molybdenum steel. Pro racing axles are thru-hardened allowing for a Drag Racing shaft with an exceptionally high, 240,000 PSI, tensile strength while retaining ductility.

Strange Engineering stocks a variety of completely finished axles for specific applications. After 50 years of manufacturing axles, we know which applications are most common and there is no reason to charge you extra for priority service. If your requirements cannot be met by our extensive inventory, we will custom manufacture your axle at no additional cost. Strange Pro Race axles are the best value on the market today. That’s why more drag racing competitors rely on Strange axles than all other brands combined!

The Strange Advantage: the axle bearing shoulder, where the bearing rests against the axle, encounters a tremendous amount of stress. The load, compared to OEM axles, is compounded by the use of slicks, larger diameter tires, aggressive launches, and tire shake. This area can be strengthened by increasing the diameter of the bearing surface and minimizing the distance from the axle bearing shoulder to the outside of the axle flange.

When we developed our 40 spline axle packages, the bearing surface OD was made to a giant 1.7735”. By using a special stainless steel ring, we were able to accomplish three important goals. Increase the radius of the axle bearing shoulder, drastically reducing stress concentrations, minimized the distance from the bearing shoulder to the outside of the axle flange, and set axle offset to match the brake kit.

– Majority of machining performed before heat treat to provide consistent hardness
– Five 1inch ID lightening holes in axle flange that removes .4 lbs per axle
– Optional Fun Drilling removes 1.1 lbs per axle
– Thru hardened to Rc 45-48 to maximize the material’s torsional strength
– Finish machined, including entire shaft, after heat treat to ensure accuracy
– 40 spline with 45º pressure angle
– Black oxide finish to resist corrosion
– Lengths up to 35″
– Choice of bolt circle
– Forged in the USA

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