Please use this Order Form to place a custom driveshaft order.


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Custom Driveshaft Order Notes:

3” OR 3 1/2” DRIVESHAFT: Determined by driveshaft length and peak RPM. Critical speed is the point in which the driveshaft will begin to distort, vibrate, and eventually fail.

Once measurements have been taken, consult a Strange Sales Associate to discuss the proper driveshaft diameter to order.

MEASUREMENTS: Should be taken on level ground, full weight on all four tires, vehicle at ride height, and pinion angle set. If the rear yoke is smaller than a 1350 series, it may be the time to replace it before proceeding. The driveline is only as strong as the weakest link and a new yoke will change your measurement.

DRIVESHAFT INCLUDING TRANSMISSION YOKE: If you have a 1350 series yoke on the rear, only the “A” and “B” measurements are required. If you do not, also supply the “D” and “E” of the rear u-joint.

DRIVESHAFT ONLY – NO TRANSMISSION YOKE: Push the transmission yoke all the way in until it bottoms, pull it out 7/8” and measure center to center. This is the ”C” dimension. If you are not using all 1350 series yokes, supply the “D” and “E” from any that are not and note which end they belong.* Your transmission yoke will need to be sent-in to properly balance the driveshaft.