Product Sponsorship Application

Thank you for contacting Strange Engineering in regards to your project vehicle.

Please note that Strange Engineering is currently not participating in monetary sponsorships of any kind. Any support provided would be limited to products and/or discount towards products that are manufactured by Strange Engineering.

Please fill out the application below in as much detail as possible so Strange Engineering can get an accurate portrayal of the project and its purpose.

Incomplete submissions will NOT get much consideration.

Not all requests for product support will be consistent with the current direction of our marketing program and may be denied. Participation in the project will be carefully reviewed to determine the value of exposure versus the value of the products being requested. We will review and reply to your application as quickly as possible. Thank you.

We also have this form as a downloadable pdf.

    Please describe your background in producing the selected media

    Product(s) Being Requested
    Please be specific. Modifications are the
    responsibility of the builder. Please provide
    all part numbers using the Strange catalog


    Tell us about the media your product will produce. Please also show us examples of media
    generated in the past.

    Previous Examples:(list web urls for us to view)

    Vehicle Display / Event Schedule

    I/We will be racing/showing/participating/displaying this vehicle in the following location(s)
    or events in the near future:

    Editorial Rights

    I will provide the editorial content digitally to Strange and grant full use rights. (Full Name)